Hardware in Home Design

Should Hardware in Home Design be an integral part of any home’s design?  A well designed home reflects an architectural style, a living philosophy and a sense of who resides there and their interpretation of the world. Along with the selection of flooring, wall treatments, lighting and such, the doors and hardware are integral to a cohesive interpretation of this design philosophy.

Hardware in Home DesignHardware often gets less attention than do doors – and that’s a shame! Doors & hardware are a marriage made at the designer’s table, and the more harmonious this union, the better the appearance of the home. An elegant door knob or lever in the style of the doors and the house completes the look gracefully — it is the jewelry of the home! Also consider the fact that the hardware is one of the few elements in home design which is touched and used all the time.

Hardware is available in styles and finishes to match just about any architectural style — from ornate brass for European restorations to sleek, minimalistic stainless steel for the ultra-modern urban condo.  Historic Spanish Colonial & Arts & Crafts residences revel in hand forged iron hardware crafted by master blacksmiths.

Today’s more casual lifestyles have made transitional and contemporary homes very popular — these are a natural match for contemporary bronze or brass hardware.

Whatever your style, you’ll find a great piece of hardware to showcase it!

Hardware options can include a range of beautifully hand crafted, hand finished hardware in hand forged iron and solid bronze.