Open Grain Issues

Entrance and garage doors, as well as windows, have a unique problem in that they have joints and seams, and therefore a lot of open grain issues. If not properly treated, this could cause coatings failure due to excess moisture intake. Do not use marine varnish.  Marine vanish gets brittle and does not allow any flexibility with the movement of the woods joinery and does not breathe, thus trapping possible moisture in the wood causing future coating failure.

Additionally, the temperature difference that exists between the exterior and interior can cause moisture transport, which may lead to problems. To reduce or eliminate the possibility of coating failure in these situations, some simple procedures should be adhered to.

  • Doors should be stained on all sides, including top and bottom.
  • Windows should be coated on the interior as well as the exterior.
  • If possible, coat the frame structure of the window and door.
  • Garage doors should be stained on the bottom and top of the doors, replacing hardware only after the stain is dry.
  • Where there are areas where joinery meets, saturate heavily with the stain prior to applying a flexible Alklyd exterior coating.

Here at Silverado Custom Door and Window we are very knowledgeable regarding stains and sealers and will be glad to include the pre-finishing an all of your door and window order. A shop finished product has a superior finish compared to an in the field application where dust dirt and traffic along with weather conditions can greatly affect the finish of your product.